Business Intelligence

Decision-making IT.

Business Intelligence is designed to combine operational data and analytic tools .It aims at improving speed and quality of data needed for decision making, including company resources but also the state of the art, trends of markets , technologies and regulatory environment in which the company competes , competitor actions and their consequences.

Our BI offer spans IT solutions part of the decision-making process, design and implementation of reporting and monitoring dashboards of your business activities both analytical and forward-looking .Our consultants offer their expertise on Business Objects and QlikView and act as experts in these technologies.

We attach paramount importance to requirement gathering and understanding of these with operational managers.
We put our expertise at your service to help with the definition, selection and implementation of tools.


To implement the best solution , we support you on :

  • The collection of information needs of your management, identification and prioritization of business indicators and desired information
  • Analysis of the existing information system to understand how data are produced, stored, what are their use and ensure the perfect fit of the B I platform
  • Designing a reliable and useful platform in correlation with the use of future users.Thereafter, our consultants are at the heart of your BI project by:
  • modeling the decision-making architecture,
  • the development of functional and technical specifications ;
  • the organization of the project ( development , roles and responsibilities , definition of schedules and 
  • budgets ... )

Transform information into knowledge, and gain in responsiveness and profitability.



expert Business Object 

Cet ingénieur originaire de la cité focéenne rejoint le GLOBAL Consulting France en tant que Consultant BI.

Expert SAP et Business Object, Benoît a effectué sa carrière au sein de grands groupes internationaux, de Aix en Provence à Montréal, principalement dans le secteur bancaire avec 2 ans de mission à la banque nationale du Canada en tant que référent SAP BO au sein de l’équipe BI analytics puis en France auprès d’Indosuez.

Fan de sports et de voyages son esprit entrepreneur et son dynamisme lui permettent aujourd’hui d’embrasser aisément la culture de GLOBAL et d’amener son expertise aux clients historiques du groupe.

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